Padix Co., Ltd.

is established since 1988. As a pioneer in the manufacture of computer peripheral product, Padix production base can effectively manage every procedure and process. We have built our very innovative steps, including using the most advanced equipment like plastic injection machine, molding machine, automated packaging and assembling lines to strictly control our quality assurance and increase production efficiency.

Padix Taipei headquarter controls the entire career of management, research and development, sales and marketing strategies. Both the factory and business side of Padix have a complete operational plan, which is able to create a great interaction with our customers, to reach our 100% of our customer's satisfaction.

Environmental Policy

Padix is not only concerned about the quality of the production, but also for the environmental issues. To reduce harmful substances environmental impact on human life, Padix has been strictly reinforcing the management in hazardous substances control. In Padix Industrial production base, in order to eliminate the environmental impact on surrounding communities, we have been using the latest pollution control equipment. The packaging material has strictly been monitored to use only recyclable materials in order to protect the Earth. Padix has environmental protection equipment in all manufacturing base which has reached the international standard.

Market Sales and Service

Padix customer service is built on online technical support and worldwide service. Providing customers with the best products and services, customer support and recognition is the driving force behind our continued growth. Padix product sales points throughout the regional distributors, OEM manufacturers and system builders, and the establishment of local / regional sales and service center to provide product distribution, telephone and on-site technical support, sales, and RMA integration services. It also enables Padix able to clearly grasp the global gaming industry trends, while providing customers with a full range of services.

Quality Policy

Keep creative and progressive in new product development. Offer the best quality and the best service to customers.

Dedicated OEM/ODM Service

  • Market survey
  • ID design
  • Function design
  • Mechanical design
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Production efficiency



Headquarter (Taiwan):

  • Sales & Marketing Dept.
  • Product & Planning Dept.
  • Administration Dept.
  • MIS / SW / Dept.
  • Customer Service Dept.

China factory:

  • RD Dept.
  • QA/QC Dept
  • Productive Dept.

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